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This website and its associated social media accounts is a project in Art Activism created and maintained by the IDENTITY TRANSDUCTION SYSTEMS art collective. We are a small group of artists, musicians and writers seeking new avenues for political expression in the arts.

We became interested in West Papuan self-determination upon learning about the plight of the indigenous West Papuan people. It’s a story unfolding before us which has played out many times before throughout history, always with tremendous losses. We decided to apply our skills to the production of media and information about this situation.

We hope that this website will serve as a resource for activists and journalists interested in human rights and in West Papuan self-determination. All the images and our own articles are free to use under a Creative Commons license.

Please Help us Continue

If you find this site useful, please support our work by buying some Free Papua merchandise. Please also share the information on this website often and regularly on social media! Come find us on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Papua Merdeka t-shirt

Papua Merdeka! T-shirt

Stand up for West Papuan self-determination and represent the Free West Papua movement with a Morning Star flag on your shirt!


Papua Morning Star in Motion t-shirt

Papuan Morning Star in Motion T-shirt

The Morning Star is on the move and flying high everywhere there are people who value freedom and the right to choose who runs your own country.


West Papuan Protestor sweatshirt

West Papuan Protestor Sweatshirt

Enough is enough! West Papua will be free! Wear the face of West Papuan self-determination and inform the world what’s happening.


Donate to These Vital Organizations

If you want to do more to help the Free West Papua movement, please also consider making a donation to one of these important organizations working to improve human rights in West Papua and someday give West Papuans a chance at real self-determination.

  • Free West Papua Campaign

    Free West Papua is a peaceful, public campaign, whose aim is very simple: to give the people of West Papua the freedom to choose their own destiny through a fair and transparent referendum – a freedom they have always been denied.

  • West Papua Media Alerts

    West Papua Media Alerts reports the latest independently verifiable news from West Papua. News reports are posted by journalists, both on the ground in West Papua, and around the world.

  • West Papua Action Network

    West Papua Action, US is a solidarity and human rights organization begun in the United States to raise public awareness and change US foreign policy to support justice, human rights and self-determination for West Papua.


    TAPOL campaigns for human rights, peace and democracy in Indonesia. They are based in the UK and work to raise awareness of human rights issues in Indonesia, including in the contested territory of West Papua.

  • ETAN (East Timor Action Network)

    ETAN educates, organizes, and advocates for justice for historic and ongoing crimes against humanity, war crimes, and human rights violations in East Timor, West Papua, and Indonesia.

About ITS (Identity Transduction Systems)

ITS is an art collective producing work in defense of basic human rights. ITS is comprised of visual artists, musicians, filmmakers, citizen journalists, bloggers and other manufacturers of culture. ITS was created to counter the manipulation of human identity and thought which is the basis of all power and oppression in the world.

We apply the ideas of Papuan musician, activist and philosopher, Arnold Ap, and we seek to build associations that connect our many distinct cultures across the world, and help us to arrive at a new understanding of our own culture as an active participant in this important human network.

Identity Transduction Systems

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