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Mama Malind su Hilang – Our Land is Gone

Excellent video on the devastating effects of the Merauke Integrated Food and Energy Estate (MIFEE) on the lives of indigenous Papuans.

Mama Malind su Hilang – Our Land is Gone

The Malind Anim tribe in Zanegi Village, Merauke, Papua, Indonesia are hunter gatherers who rely on the forest for they livelihoods. They are born, raised and get food from the forest.

But in the village of Zanegi, times have changed. The Medco corporation is clearing thousands of hectares of forest. Medco plans to convert 169,000 hectares of land to industrial tree plantations. This plantation is part of the milion hectare Meruake Integrated Food and Energy Estate, known as MIFEE.

Director: Nanang Sujana
Produced by Gekko Studio/Pusaka/SKP KAME


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