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#OpMerdeka Anonymous is watching West Papua

Greetings to the Government of Indonesia from Anonymous —

Your censorship of information and the brutality that you have inflicted upon the people of West Papua has gotten our attention and angered us. We have decided, Indonesia, it is time to punish you. We will oppress and silence you the same way that you have oppressed and silenced West Papua. We do this because we can. We do this because we are Anonymous.

For more information and details about TwitterStorms and other operations you can help participate in, follow these accounts on Twitter:



  • anonymous indonesia tidak mendukung klaim anda. kami sedang membangun papua barat menjadi lebih baik untuk masa depan. kami tidak mendukung papua barat untuk merdeka karena indonesia adalah satu saudara. dan anda harus tahu sejarah kami

  • anonymous Indonesia does not support your claim. we are building in West Papua is getting better for the future. we do not support independence for West Papua to Indonesia is one brother. and you have to know our history

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